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July 18, 2021 ~ Conversion

July 25, 2021 ~ Conversion of 3000

August 1, 2021 ~ Conversion of the Jailer

August 8, 2021 ~ Conversion of Cornelius

August 15, 202 ~ Conversion of the Eunuch

August 22, 2021 ~ Conversion of Saul

August 29, 2021 ~ What Can I Do If I Am Lost Eternally?

September 5, 2021 ~ A Study of  Circumcision

September 12, 2021 ~ What John Said About Hate

September 19, 2021 ~ Jesus, The Administer of the Holy Spirit Baptism

September 26, 2021 ~ The Family of God

October 3, 2021 ~ The Raising of Lazarus

October 10, 2021 ~ Calling on the Name of the Lord

October 17, 2021 ~ Things That Prevent Us From Seeing Jesus

October 24, 2021 ~ What Makes A Church Great?

October 31, 2021 ~ What If...?

November 7, 2021 ~ Saved by Grace Through Faith - Thomas Warren

November 14, 2021 ~ God’s Means of Deliverance

November 21, 2021 ~ To the Far Country and Back

November 28, 2021 ~ Giving To God


One Minute for the Master

Of What Faith Are You?

Missing Prayer of the Bible

The Thief on the Cross - Part 1

The Thief on the Cross - Part 2

Newness of Life

That Form of Doctrine

Buried with Him in Baptism

One Body

“Other Sheep I Have”

Put On Christ

What’s In A Name? - Part 1

What’s In A Name? - Part 2

Just A Christian

What Does God Require for Salvation?

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said?

How Does Satan Do It?

His Birth or His Death? - Part 1

His Birth of His Death? - Part 2

Saved By Faith

“After Ye Have Done the Will of God”

Happy New Year!

Inherited Sin

Fallen from Grace

The Father of All Lies

Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

Paul’s Plea for Unity

What Is Truth?

If You Love Me

The Conditions for Salvation

God Is Not Mocked

The Rapture

The 1000 Year Reign

Furture Kingdom on Earth?

Calling on the Name of the Lord - Part 1

Calling on the Name of the Lord - Part 2

Calling on the Name of the Lord - Part 3

Our Love for God

Is Salvation Free if We Have To Do Something?

The Authority of Christ

What Do They All Have in Common?

Why Didn’t He Wait?

If The Bible Only Said It

The Truth that Frees Us

The Exclusiveness of the Truth

The Truth

Authority in Religion

Authority in the Silence of Scriptures

What If the Pattern is Wrong?

Are You A Bible Believer?

It Doesn’t Say “and Is Not Baptized”

It Doesn’t Belong There

Offended by Truth

Am I Your Enemy?

Was Saul Saved on the Road?

Naaman’s Mistakes - Part 1

Naaman’s Mistakes - Part 2

What Saved Naaman?

Christ Sent Me Not to Baptize - Part 1

Christ Sent Me Not to Baptize - Part 2

A Figure of Salvation

The New Birth - Part 1

The New Birth - Part 2

What Are We Asking?

Memorial Day

Fallen from Grace - Part 1

Fallen from Grace - Part 2

The Faith of Abraham

What Else Does God Require?

James 2 and Salvation

Chosen of God - Part 1

Chosen of God - Part 2

The Right To Become

What Is Repentance - Part 1

What is Repentance - Part 2

What is Repentance - Part 3

Proper Bible Interpretation - Part 1

Proper Bible Interpretation - Part 2

Proper Bible Interpretation - Part 3

Christ’s Holy Bride

The Designation of the Church

Where Did They All Come From?

Saved By Grace

The Chain that Saves

Ready To Give Answer

Total Hereditary Depravity - Part 1

Total Hereditary Depravity - Part 2

Repentance Before Faith?

What is A Disciple?

The Honest Heart

Simplicity of God’s Plan

Drawn Against Our Will?

The Most Popular Argument

Circumcised Without Hands

Is Deception Possible?

How Does Satan Deceive Us?

No Lie Is Of The Truth?

When Did God Know?

Romans & Faith Alone

What Happens After Life?

How To Make A Disciple

Transfer of Ownership

Too Much Emphasis on Baptism

Misapplication of Revelation

Sign of the Times

Requirements for Discipleship

Hope in Christ

How Do We Get Into Christ?

Little Words Are Important

Did He Obey

What If I Don’t Agree

Because of Tradition

The Most Hated Man

I Know I’m Saved

Feelings Can Be Wrong

I’ll Just Trust Grace

It’s Found in Revelation 23


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