2017 Sermons

1\1 Oh! How I Love Jesus!

1\1 (PM) A Prayerful Man

1\8 Conversion of a Military Officer

1\15 Noah: A Preacher of Righteousness

1\15 (PM) Be Not Deceived

1\22 Bounds & Limits of Fellowship

1\29 The Gospel I Declare Unto You

2\5 The Glorious Lord

2\12 The Devil’s Design for Destruction

2\19 What Must I Do To Be Saved?

2\19 (PM) A Knock on the Door of Doubt

2\26 Jesus’ Teaching on Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

3\5 Paul’s Teaching on Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

3\5 (PM) A More Excellent Way

3\12 The Cause We Plead - Part 1

3\12 (PM) The Cause We Plead - Part 2

3\19 The New Birth

3\19 (PM) Do Not Lose Heart

3\26 What To Do When...

4\2 Man’s Two Enemies

4\2 (PM) A Look at Calvin’s Tulip - Part 1

4\9 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

4\9 (PM) A Look at Calvin’s Tulip - Part 2

4\16 “By What Authority?”

4\16 (PM) A Look at Calvin’s Tulip - Part 3

4\30 The Most Valuable Discovery

5\7 God’s Desire For Us

5\7 (PM) The Tale of Two Cities

5\14 Caleb’s Sermon

5\14 (PM) “To Timothy, My Beloved Son”

5\28 A Very Important Question

6\11 To the Far Country & Back

6\11 (PM) Let Us Run with Endurance

6\18 The Bible VS Atheism

6\18 (PM) Help!  We Are Surrounded!

6\25 Three Things the Devil Wants To Do

7\2 The Passion of the Christ

7\2 (PM) What Is Worship?

7\9 The All-Sufficiency of the Scriptures

7\9 (PM) Peer Pressure

7\16 Let Us Rise Up and Build

7\23 A Study of Miracles

7\30 The Lord is My Shepherd

8\13 The Four Chairs

8\20 “Not Forsaking the Assembling...”

8\27 What Shall We Do?

9\3 The Praying Savior

9\3 (PM) Aaron: A Mountain of Strength

9\10 A Barren Fig Tree

9\17 The Parable of the Two Sons

9\17 (PM) Jesus’ First Miracle

9\24 God’s Means of Deliverance

10\8 The Supreme Sermon

10\8 (PM) Our Daily Walk

10\22 Great Lessons from Acts

10\22 (PM) The Death of A Nation

10\29 Eternal Life Insurance

11\12 The Conversion of A Civil Officer

11\12 (PM) Fellowship: Basis & Limits - Part 1


2016 Sermons

1\3 I Am Resolved...

1\10 Jesus: The Master Controversialist

1\10 (PM) Prison Did Not Rob Paul

1\17 “Consider Thy Ways”

1\17 (PM) Continuing Steadfastly in the Apostles Doctrine

1\24 Better Than Angels

2\7 Six Baptisms

2\14 A Firm Conviction

2\14 (PM) For To Me To Live Is...

2\21 Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

2\21 (PM) Psalm 2: A Blessing in Trust

2\28 Healthy Christianity

3\6 God Wants You...

3\13 Identifying Marks of A Christian

3\13 (PM) Loving God With Our All

3\20 I See Men As Trees

3\20 (PM) Places for the Bible

3\27 The Truth About Salvation

4\3 A Shadow of Good Things To Come

4\3 (PM) The Pride of Thine Heart

4\17 Can A Child of God Fall from Grace?

4\24 A Christ Centered Church

5\1 Names of the Church

5\15 John 3 - A “Must” Read Chapter

5\15 (PM) When Upon Life’s Billows

5\22 The Triumphant Entry

6\12 Saved By Faith

6\12 (PM) Ruth: The Story of Love & Commitment

6\19 The Father God Desires

6\26 The Basics of Baptism

7\10 Giving To God

7\24 There is One...

7\24 (PM) The God of...

7\31 There Are Two...

8\7 There Are Three...

8\7 A Victory for God on Mt. Carmel

8\14 What Is Right With The Church

8\14 (PM) Who Is A Pastor?

8\21 Baptized Into What?

8\21 (PM) Manasseh

8\28 “Not My Will...”

9\4 Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord

9\4 (PM) John: The Gospel of Belief

9\11 Some Things Never Change

9\11 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (Overview)

9\18 Five Looks at: “Thou, Art the Man!”

9\18 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (All Spiritual Blessings)

9\25 A Place Prepared...

10\2 Three Crosses on A Hill

10\2 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (The Greatest Bridge)

10\9 God Hates Divorce!

10\9 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (For This Cause)

10\16 Christian Living is about Sacrifice

10\16 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (Walk in Unity)

10\23 Studies in Ephesians (Walk in Purity)

10\23 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (Walk in Harmony)

10\30 The Conversion of the Jailor

11\6 Building Proper Christian Influence

11\6 (PM) Studies in Ephesians (Walk in Victory)

11\20 What Grace Can Do

11\20 (PM) Overview of II John: Walk In Truth

11\27 Jesus: A Friend to Sinners

12\4 The People of God

12\4 (PM) Blessed Assurance

12\11 What Is Truth?

12\11 (PM) God’s Purpose for the Bible

12\18 Nothing But Leaves

12\18 (PM) Lessons From Lot’s Wife

12\25 What Think Ye of the Christ?


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