2020 Sermons

1\5 Christian Readiness

1\5 (PM) “The World that Then Was”

1\12 The Transfiguration of Jesus

1\26 What It Means to be A Christian: A Son

1\26 (PM) Examining Our Songs: The Lord’s Supper

2\2 “I AM the Bread of Life”

2\2 (PM) James: Practical Christianity

2\9 The King on A Colt

2\16 Places for the Bible

2\16 (PM) Overview of I Timothy

2\23 Life’s Most Important Question

2\23 (PM) King Jehoshaphat

3\1 The Way, Truth & Life

3\1 (PM) God Has Spoken!

3\8 Healthy Christianity

3\15 Peace, Be Still!

3\15 (PM) Paul’s First Missionary Journey

3\22 “Have Mercy on Us!”

3\29 Facing the Facts

4\5 God’s Spiritual Building

4\12 Do I Have To?

4\19 Holding Fast Our Confidence

4\26 The Triumphant Entry

5\3 Giving To God!

5\10 A Brief Look at the Mother of Our Lord

5\10 (PM) A Conversation at Night

5\17 Flee, Follow, Fight

5\24 How Many Baptisms?

5\31 The Glorious Lord

5\31 (PM) The Interrupted Funeral Procession

6\7 “Not My Will”

6\7 (PM) Psalm 2: A Blessing in Trust

6\14 Bible Believers

6\21 Arrows in the Hand of a Mighty Man

6\21 (PM) The Greatness of God as Seen in His Church

6\28 A Great Church

6\28 (PM) Members of Our Bodies

7\12 One Fold and One Shepherd

7\19 Worship: Introduction, Part 1

7\19 (PM) Worship: Introduction, Part 2

7\26 Worship: The Lord’s Supper

7\26 (PM) Worship: Bible Study

8\16 Worship: Giving

8\16 (PM) Worship: Prayer

8\23 Worship: Singing

8\23 (PM) Lessons from Two Missionaries

8\30 Ten Things That Will Not Happen at the Judgment

9\6 Ten Things That Will Not Be In Heaven

9\6 (PM) The Unmerciful Servant

9\13 Ten Things That Will Not Be in Hell

9\20 “Think Not...”

9\20 (PM) Ruth

9\27 Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

10\4 Hearing

10\4 (PM) Jonah

10\11 Our God is the God of...

10\25 What It Means to be A Christian: A Servant

11\1 The God of All Comfort - Part 1

11\1 (PM) The God of All Comfort - Part 2

11\8 The Person & Nature of the Holy Spirit

2019 Sermons

1\6 “For Where Your Treasure Is...”

1\6 (PM) Have You Slaughtered Your Oxen?

1\13 Christ: Our Passover

1\20 “It Is An Abomination!”

1\20 (PM) Question & Answer

1\27 Common Sense Religion

2\3 “Lord, Tell Us Plainly”

2\3 (PM) Saul, A King Filled with Jealousy

2\10 Who Then Can Be Saved?

2\10 (PM) The Parable of the Tares

2\17 The New Testament Will

2\17 (PM) How To Stand Fast in the Lord

2\24 l Know that My Redeemer Liveth!

3\3 If I Were the Devil...

3\10 What Doth Hinder Me to be Baptized?

3\10 (PM) Go, Stand, Speak

3\17 A Day in the Life of Jesus

3\17 (PM) Stephen: A Man Full of Faith

3\24 Paul’s “Word of Exhortation”

3\24 (PM) God Hates...

3\31 Elijah, A Man of God

4\7 Christianity: A Three-Fold Change

4\7 (PM) Joses: Son of Consolation

4\14 WATCH!

4\14 (PM) Balaam: The Prophet with Two Masters

4\28 Doors of Opportunity

5\12 A Mother’s Wage

5\19 The “Nots” of the Gospel

5\26 The Love of God

6\9 The Identity of the Church

6\9 (PM) Our Joy in the Lord

6\16 The Three “R’s” of Christianity

6\16 (PM) Lessons from Two Liars

6\23 What Makes A Church Great?

6\23 (PM) Changing Clothes

7\7 Looking Unto Jesus

7\7 (PM) The Just Shall Live by Faith

7\21 (PM) Trust in the Lord

7\28 Jesus Christ: Our Advocate & Propitiation

8\4 Take Heed

8\11 The Crown of Life

8\11 (PM) Be Thou An Example

8\18 “Lord, Are The Few Who Are Saved?”

8\25 The Death of Jesus

9\1 The Hands of Jesus

9\1 (PM) Sampson, the Strong Judge

9\8 “...With Christ”

9\15 The Savior’s Invitation

9\22 The Truth about the Bible

9\29 Cutting the Scroll

10\13 In Christ, We Have...

10\13 (PM) “One Things” Stressed in the New Testament

10\27 Buy the Truth and Sell the Truth

11\3 Grace, Faith, Works & Law: How Do They Relate?

11\3 (PM) A Thorn in the Flesh

11\10 A Thought about Veterans

11\17 Jesus the Messiah

11\24 Thanksgiving

12\1 Then Christ Died in Vain

12\1 What is Your Life?

12\8 Christ: The Center of Apostolic Preaching

12\15 “Come Before Winter”

12\22 God’s Good Gifts


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