2021 Programs

1\3 I Am Resolved

1\10 The New Song

1\124 The Work & Mission of the Church

1\31 The King on A Colt

2\7 The Good News

2\14 Progressing Pilgrims

2\21 All Spiritual Blessings

2\28 Noah: A Preacher of Righteousness

3\7 “Think Not...”

3\14 The Crown of Life

3\21 Three Things the Devil Wants to Do

3\28 God’s Spiritual Building

4\4 Christ, Our Passover

4\11 The Second Coming of Jesus

4\18 I AM the True Vine

4\25 How the Bible Authorizes

2020 Programs

1\5 Emotionalism in Religion

1\12 Hope For America

1\19 Premillennialism: Introduction & Land Promise

1\26 Premillennialism: Prophesy of the Kingdom

2\2 Premillennialism: Matthew 24

2\9 Premillennialism: Rapture, Tribulation & Anti-Christ

2\16 Premillennialism: Battle of Armageddon; Throne of David

2\23 Bible Believers

3\8 The Death of Jesus

3\15 Jesus, the Messiah

3\22 Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

3\29 Jesus is Coming, Are You Ready?

4\5 The Coming Kingdom of God

4\12 The Grace of God Teaches Us...

4\19 Peter’s Portrait of God’s People

4\26 The Hardest Commandment

5\3 The Hands of Jesus

5\10 God’s Purpose for the Bible

5\17 Blind, Begging, But Blessed

5\24 Did the Bible Really Come from God?

6\7 The Glorious Bride of Christ

6\14 The Promises of God

6\21 What Think Ye of the Christ?

6\28 Balaam: A Prophet with Two Masters

7\5 Great Lessons from Acts

7\12 Cutting the Scroll

7\19 What Grace Can Do

7\26 How Exclusive Are We?

8\2 The “Nots” of the Gospel

8\9 God Populates His Church - Daniel Koen

8\16 Grace, Faith, Law & Works

8\23 What Is So Great about Salvation?

8\30 Jesus’ Teaching on Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

9\6 Paul’s Teaching on Marriage Divorce & Remarriage

9\13 “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

9\20 The Devil’s Design for Destruction

9\27 Jesus Christ, The Master Controversialist

10\4 The Truth About the Bible

10\11 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

10\18 “Are There Few That Be Saved?”

10\25 “In the Beginning...”

11\1 Why Be A Christian?

11\8 What Is Right with the Church?

11\15 Our Glorious God

11\22 Ten Things That Will NOT Happen at the Judgment

11\29 Ten Things that Will NOT be in Heaven

12\6 Ten Things that Will NOT Be in Hell

12\13 The New Birth

12\20 “For Where Your Treasure Is...”

12\27 To’s and From’s

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