The West Jefferson church of Christ is a congregation of believers who follow the pattern of the New Testament as our sole guide in matters of religion. We follow no man-written creed book. We are neither denominational nor non-denominational; we are pre-denominational. We trace our beginning back to the church of the New Testament in Acts 2. We have neither head nor headquarters here on this earth; they both are in heaven. If you would like to know more about the church of the New Testament or New Testament Christianity, please e-mail us at info@wjchurchofchrist.org or call us at (336) 846-5615..

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Upcoming Events for 2018:

April 15-19 - Spring Gospel Meeting with Chuck Stewart - Monday-Friday at 7:00 pm

July 15-20 ~ Old Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting with Wesley Simons - Monday-Friday at 7:00 pm